Interview with April McGhee

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April McGhee

Name: April McGhee
Age: 25
Home town: London
Uni: University of Exeter
Degree: History and Sociology 2:1
Employer & Job description: LivingSocial, Marketing Executive

How long were you at uni?
Three years.

What would you say was the best thing about uni?
Meeting lifelong friends,  being able to go out on any night of the week and not worry about hangovers, exploring and discovering a new city, ‘playing house’ – it’s a good introduction to living without any support from your parents before you move to somewhere like London where you will need those skills. Also, pushing myself academically was a good challenge.

Do you think you are better off having gone to uni:

  • Personally - yes
  • Professionally - yes
  • Financially - yes

Are you in debt after finishing uni? And how are you planning on paying it off?
£14k left to pay – a direct debit out of my pay each month. I don’t really notice it but it would be nice if I had that extra money.

Was it all worth it?
Yes. I think going to uni still has a lot of credibility and some companies won’t employ you without a degree. However, I think that is set to change with the coming generations. I don’t believe I would have the job I do now if I didn’t have a degree.

What do you wish you had known before graduating?
How much it would affect your pay packet. I don’t think anything else has been a shock.

What advice can you give current students who will soon have to embark on the ‘real world’?
Enjoy uni; it’s a great time to be with like-minded people who are your age. There is no rush to get into the real world even though you may feel it! Study hard and get the grades you feel will reflect the time, effort and money spent on your education.

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