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david green

Name: David Green
Age: 23
Home town: Hong Kong/London/New York
Uni: University of Leeds
Degree: BA Business Economics

Where are you working?

At the moment I am currently on secondment to our UK office but the rest of the time is split between my firms’ head office in Hong Kong and for me the US.

Is this your first job out of uni? Please give a brief outline of your employment history.
I graduated from Leeds Business School in June 2010 and decided to take a year out. I wanted to do some travelling, but not just bum about, so I managed to secure myself an internship at the beginning. Two months into my three month internship I was offered the job permanently. They said I could still go travelling as planned and enjoy myself, and on my return start permanently. I have now been working for my firm permanently for 15 months and love being based in Hong Kong.

Could you describe what you do in your job?
I work for a tax efficient fund (that’s all I can say).

How has your time at uni helped you in the workforce?
Not massively but it has taught me useful skills such as independence and team skills.

Where did you find your current job?
I searched in Hong Kong before I left and secured the internship through the search. It was also through a recommendation about the firm.

What career support/advice did you get from university?
Very little. I went and did this all on my own although a competition I entered at University which was business related certainly helped me.

Do you think you could have got this job without your university degree?
Yes and no. Yes, because a lot of degrees don’t necessarily relate to what you end up doing but no, because university taught me so many valuable life skills that I have carried into the work place. The most important of these has been to use your initiative.

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