Careers a social science degree can lead to

career in social sciences

By Pamela Head,

Social Science graduates most typically go into academia with their skill-sets being a good fit for such professions. Teaching and lecturing is a common path, but, like humanities, social science graduates gain a vast amount of useful skills in addition to the vocational aspects of subjects including law, politics or economics. Such skills include time keeping (from keeping to deadlines, writing essays and researching every week), team work (working with classmates to produce presentations and reports) and good writing and analytical skills (from essays and studying, where you’ll critique the work of sociologists if you are studying Sociology, for instance).

You will be able to put together reasoned arguments and question assumptions, understand the process of change in society, communicate clearly with others, respond positively to critical feedback and interpret, and use and evaluate data.

Other careers to consider are in fields such as central government, politics, public services like the police, health and social care, banking and finance, business management, advertising and marketing, journalism and broadcasting, education, accountancy and campaigning.

According to research undertaken by New College of the Humanities, looking at UK leaders drawn from a wide variety of different professions including FTSE 100 CEOs, MPs and law firms, 60% of the UK's leaders have humanities, arts or social science degrees.

Sharon Witherspoon, director of the Nuffield foundation, said in an interview with the Guardian: “Social science helps us frame questions about the way the social world is ordered, whether we are looking at institutions like marriage or education, or how different societies create and respond to issues like poverty, inequality or crime. Increasingly too there is widespread agreement that many issues arising from natural science research – climate change or obesity for example – require social science understanding.”

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If you choose a Social Science degree, you will ultimately find yourself abreast of issues that affect society but you will also gain the skills of someone studying a humanities subject. Social Sciences are vocational, educational and also important to society.