Graduate careers

Graduate careers advice and information on how to make the most of your time at university - get your CV ready, and start with an internship or some part-time work at uni. We chat to alumni about the path they have taken and see what tips they have for you.

Managing a part time job at university

Managing a part time job at university

Balancing part-time work alongside studies is a normal part of university life for many students. According to a survey undertaken by the University of Manchester, 45% of students at the university wo…

increase job prospects

What can I do at uni to increase my chances of getting a job?

When will the media stop talking about unemployment? When will the media leave students alone? The answer is: the day you get a job. It isn’t simple, no, but it’s certainly the right answer. It is ess…

Summer internship

My summer internship: boosting my cv

I decided to apply for summer internships to help boost my CV - and I'm really starting to enjoy it!

work experience help employment prospects

Work experience helps graduate employment

Graduates with work experience are three times more likely to land a job offer than other students.

graduate salary

A 2.1 can boost your graduate salary

But your employment prospects rely on far more than just your level of degree...

career in social sciences

Careers a social science degree can lead to

Time keeping, team work and good writing and analytical skills... but what can they lead to?

graduate employment prospects

Does a degree help employment prospects?

The pay gap may have closed in, but there are plenty of ways a degree can help your graduate employment prospects

student careers music festival

Work experience: What to do if you've nothing planned for Summer

Work experience and internships are on everyone's minds...

e for easter

E for Easter. E for Experience. E for Editor.

London rush hour, an £11 travelcard, and work experience at Bloomsbury Publishers.

teaching job

Careers a humanities degree can lead to

Humanities subjects do not lead into careers in the obvious way that science subjects do. They are not vocational and do not teach you quite such obvious skills. However, they do teach you valuable sk…