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emiliana sarra

Name: Emiliana Sarra
Age: 19
Home town: Enfield, London
Uni: University of Leeds
Degree: BA French
What do you want to do when you graduate? I don’t know yet

How are you financing your studies?
Mainly with my student finance loan.

Do you have enough money as a student to do everything you want to do? What does most of your money go on?
I don’t feel like have enough money to do everything I want to. However, I do have enough (with the help of my parents and my savings) to do most things, such as going out once or twice a week.

What have you learnt about student finances that you wished someone had told you before starting at uni?
The everyday things such as that food and travel costs a lot more than expected.            

How did you choose you student bank account? Have they been helpful?
Mainly through speaking to family and friends, the banks’ own brochures and speaking in store to my own bank. My bank and speaking with family and friends were particularly helpful, as speaking with family and friends gave me a good starting point (if I heard about what others had received), and I was able to ask any questions to my bank and get a clear idea of my new student bank account. However, I I was not made aware until I had almost completed setting up my bank account (with Barclays) that I would not immediately receive the basic £200 overdraft that they had told me I would. However, this was dealt with quickly after I enquired further.

What would be your number one piece of advice you would give to prospective students considering going to uni?
This would definitely be to get a job. Even if you are in a good financial position, a job will ensure that you are not restricted financially to do what you want. I feel that especially in the first year it is important to make the most out of the opportunities and experiences of uni life.

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