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emma nash

Name: Emma Nash
: 20
Home town
: Kent
: Durham University
: Business
What do you want to be do when you graduate?
I’m still not entirely sure, my main focus at the moment is going into marketing or PR. But this could change.

What are the best things about uni?
It’s really difficult to say what the best thing about uni is, insofar that I have enjoyed so many things about it. For me I would probably say the best is the opportunities you have to experience so many things. From being at uni I have got involved in lots of societies, been to Morocco, on a sports tour to Spain, and made a ton of friends. Deciding to go to university and to Durham University in particular was the best choice I have made.

How have you made new friends at uni?
At uni it’s surprisingly easy to make friends and hence you accumulate them everywhere. I have made friends with people on my course, sports societies, night outs, fresher’s week, those who lived in my building, even in the library. From my experience I have found that no-one has friends when they go to uni and hence everyone is friendly and eager to chat. So making friends was even easier than I had thought it would be.

Do you still keep in touch with friends from school at uni?
I still keep in touch with my close friends from school, although there are a lot of people that I have lost touch with. Many of these friends I still meet up with when I am home from university. Going to university far from home means that very few of my uni friends live near to me. A lot of my school friends are in the same situation, hence we are all happy to not be brilliant at keeping in contact during term-time, but meet up and go out in the holidays.

What did you do during Fresher’s week and what was the best thing about it?
Durham is really big on Fresher’s week and it is jam packed so you don’t have time to sit down, let alone miss home. Fresher’s week was split into “quiet” or “loud” nights depending on your personality and what you wanted from it. I chose all the loud nights; each of the nights had a different theme from ‘hero and villains’ to ‘Wild West’. The end of my second year Fresher’s week is still one of the best weeks I have had.  
And the best thing about it is everyone wants to make friends. No-one knows you, so it’s so easy to make friends and enjoy yourself.

What do you do in your spare time?
Outside lectures I have a lot of hobbies so I am always pretty busy. In my first year I took up rowing for the first time. I enjoyed it as it was something I had never tried before and was a challenge, but after my first year I realized it wasn’t the sport for me and gave it up. I have been playing netball since primary school and this has always been something that I enjoy, so I signed up to play at university level. In my second year I was captain of the B team and going into my third year I am club captain. So this takes a lot of time organizing teams and fixtures. After giving up rowing I decided to give mixed lacrosse a try. It was a completely new sport to me but has been so much fun.

How would you describe life as a university student?
Life as a student is far from boring, especially if you are living in halls it will be one of the most random experiences ever; from a snowball fight at 2am to doing laundry at midnight; it’s a great time.

Are you involved in any student societies?  
Other than the sport societies, I am also involved in a Ballet society. The society is aimed at all levels from complete beginners to those with years of experience. I fitted more into the complete beginner level having given up ballet at the age of 9. It been a great way to meet more people and have a laugh. Though I have come to realise ballet lessons after a big night drinking are not a bad combination.

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