Clearing 2013: is there anything I should do to plan ahead?

Clearing 2013 planning ahead

By Pamela Head,

Clearing exists to give you an opportunity. If you know you won’t make your entry conditions, then now is the time to start researching alternative options, and to make sure you’re prepared to apply through Clearing. Good opportunities will go fast.

By this stage, you will have had all of your coursework marks and have sat the exams, so you’ll probably have a feeling on how you’ve done. If you know you messed up an exam and instead of getting AAA, you’ll get AAB or ABB, then look around these requirements.

The UCAS Clearing courses available will be listed on the UCAS website and in the Telegraph from mid-August to mid-September so start checking the website for new listings in the week leading up to results day.

Here, you will be able to see the courses available at different universities and what they require, so you can start getting your head around the system and what you’ll need to aim for, ready to leap into action on the day.

It’s good to choose a range of courses that appeal to you with different grade boundaries to prepare yourself in case the worst happens. This will act as a salve to the bad news if you do indeed receive some. You will be able to be proactive from the minute you get your results.

Make a list of Clearing courses you’re interested in so you can check if they’re available on the day. Get a copy of the Telegraph on the way to school and store a couple of admissions phone numbers in your phone so you can make the call quickly if you’re sure you know what you want.

It’s important to say, though, that you should make sure you do thorough research into the universities and courses you’re looking at through Clearing, as this is an expensive decision that will take the next three years of your life, so you must be confident that it’s what you want.

Don’t pick anything because you feel you should go to university. If it doesn’t feel right for you and meet what you were looking for in a university and course when you started the UCAS process, then it’s probably not a good idea.

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