Clearing checklist to have to hand on results day

UCAS Clearing checklist

By theunipod community,

There are just three days until A-level results and the possibility of going through UCAS Clearing for 2013 - it’s time to make sure you’re organised. In order to make your life easier, we have created a Clearing checklist, designed to make sure you are completely prepared for the big day. Make sure you have a copy of the checklist ready the night before A-Level results day, so that if you need to enter Clearing you have it to hand.

Things to have ready the night before

  • Make sure you have your mobile, a pen, notepad, Clearing number, Personal ID number and your academic certificates
  • Pack some snacks and water, it may be a long time till you next eat, and you will need as much energy as possible

Clearing morning

  • Make sure you buy a copy of The Telegraph to see which courses are available on Clearing. Select ones that interest you and start researching
  • Find out where you're school adviser is located, so if you need extra advice you can easily find them
  • Preferably find a quiet room that has a computer, so you can quickly search institutions and their courses

If you don't get into your first choice and are going through Clearing

  • Research potential universities and their courses before you ring up, you need to impress and show you are really keen to join their institution
  • Once you have all your information, ring up institutions that you're interested in - ask them questions about the course, accommodation, opportunities available to students and how many tutor-tutee contact hours there are. It’s crucial you call yourself!
  • Be open to different courses - you may find something new and exciting that you had never originally considered and this will widen your chances of getting in

Questions to consider when going through Clearing

  • Do you have the entry requirements?
  • How reputable is this university for your course?
  • Do you see yourself doing this degree for three to four years?
  • Consider location - do you want to be near to home? How long will it take you to get back home if you go to a certain university?
  • Student accommodation - is there still decent accommodation available? You may have to be less picky about certain facilities, such as en-suite bathrooms or being in a specific hall
  • Is there a year abroad option?
  • How many students are on the course/in seminars?
  • How many hours of reading is expected a week?
  • You may have to compromise on being a bit further away from your home and friends, which is hard, but you will make plenty of other friends at university
  • You may be limited to only catered or self-catered facilities, but again, hall food isn't that bad and if you're in self-catered, you will soon learn to make a mean tuna pasta bake

Be sure to also have a good read through our ultimate Clearing guide which will answer all your questions, and join the chat on our Facebook page if you've any other questions.