Making your university choice: results day

university of kent results

By Heather McCutcheon,

The long and nerve-wracking wait for A-level results day is something I remember well and see my friends and family endure each year. As the nightmares of failed exams and lost university places begin it can be difficult to stay optimistic over the next few months. Around this time I tried to keep a clear mind and forget I even had results to collect until about a week before...then it's sleepless nights every evening until the dreaded day. The excitement of going to university tends to outweigh the bad feelings as you flick through prospectus' and maps of the campus. The advice I've gained over the years of waiting for results is to keep a clear mind and to enjoy the time off until the work starts again in September!

Narrowing down university choices and grade requirements

University acceptance letter

 Checking university choices online

Family helping with university choices

Desk filled with university papers 

Campus maps and grade boundaries stuck on walls