Making your choice

theunipod's guide to choosing a university will help you on your quest. We have articles on where to study, what course to choose, our university rankings comparison table, and of course our awesome university and course search!

Pros and cons of studying abroad

The pros and cons of studying abroad

Be sure to weigh up the good with the bad before choosing whether to study abroad

oxbridge interviews

A complete guide to Oxbridge interviews

The interview process at Oxbridge can be a daunting one, particularly for those subjects that don't normally interview at other universities. The interview myths commonly propagated by the media, sugg…

history degrees

History – undergraduate degrees

History is a subject that all UK students will be familiar with from as early as primary school, however, when taking it to university level, there are many options and various courses to be considere…

Types of degree and qualification

Types of degree and qualification

Our guide to all the degree options you are likely to come across

students guide to reading

Students’ guide to Reading

Your ultimate guide to student life at the University of Reading. Shopping, to student nights to eating on the cheap.

university or course which comes first

University or course - which do I choose first?

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Which do you decide first: the university or the course? Not everything in life is black and white and as an A Level student you are most likely realising thi…

studying languages french

Undergraduate subject guide – French/languages

Le Français is undeniably a love-hate subject whether you enjoy a pain au chocolat or not. There have been lots of reports in the media about a lack of language students ready to persevere with studyi…

uni open days

Making the most of university open day season

It might seem common sense to visit the universities you want to apply to before you send off your UCAS application, but every year students miss out on great opportunities to explore universities. If…

applying to oxbridge

Applying to Oxbridge: top tips and myth busting

Advice on completing the UCAS application for Oxford and Cambridge

University applications

Applying for university: all you need to know

Open days, UCAS forms and interviews - we've got all the info you need