Making your choice

theunipod's guide to choosing a university will help you on your quest. We have articles on where to study, what course to choose, our university rankings comparison table, and of course our awesome university and course search!

Questions to ask at an undergraduate open day

Not sure what to ask or who to speak to at a university open day? Our list of questions will ensure you've everything you need.

durham city guide

Students’ guide to Durham

Overview Durham is an old city, most famous for its iconic cathedral and castle, both key parts of university life. Durham is a fairly small city but the larger Newcastle is just a short train journe…

career in science

Careers Science degrees can lead to

The options of science-related careers is generally quite broad. The degrees themselves are vocational, giving you a set of skills you can use in your job, as is the case with Biologists, Chemists and…


Undergraduate science degrees

Science is the field that refers to the body of reliable knowledge; essentially, it deals with facts, figures and provable entities. Degrees consist of those you might consider the obvious ones; Physi…

social sciences

Social science courses

Social science is an area that most people may be relatively unfamiliar with from their time at school. Law and sociology are the ones you’re probably most familiar with. But it is also commonly used …

Students' guide to Canterbury

Overview Canterbury, while technically being a city, has more of a town-like feel. The town centre is enclosed within city walls, the main high street is cobbled and there is a nice mix of chain stor…

open days

Checklist: How to make the most of open days

Visiting colleges or universities on their open day is one of the best ways to get a feel of the campus. But you’ll only have a few hours at each uni so it’s important to make the most of your time th…

want to go to uni

Want to go to uni? Here’s how to get started

As you’re finishing up with A-levels you’ll be thinking about your next move and going to university is likely to be up there. Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of other students will be planning the …

open days

How to make the most of a university open day

A university open day is your chance to find out if a uni is the right one for you. Remember, this is the next three, four, possibly five years of your life we’re talking about here. You don’t want to…

top ten things to consider when choosing a uni

Top 10 things to consider when choosing a uni

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to go to uni, but here at theunipod we understand that doesn’t necessarily make life easier. So, to help you in your quest to find the right un…