Heather McCutcheon

Heather McCutcheon

Photo blogger

I’m an eighteen year old student from North London studying English and American Literature in my first year at the University of Kent, in the pretty city of Canterbury. Aside from Literature, my other main passion is photography, which brings me here to theunipod! I love photographing moments in my life in a nostalgic style where people can look at my photos, see my feelings portrayed and relate them to their own. My favourite theme to explore is home and what that means to me. Living at university has created a huge shift in how I define ‘home’ and I think this can be shared universally, with students moving out for the first time and living independently.

I hope that I can display my experience at university in my photographs on this website and give a realistic example of student life.

I also love to travel and photograph moments in new places and my experiences there. One day I hope to fly across the Atlantic and see a lot of the States. I have dreams of photographing the deserts in Arizona and the busy streets of New York City. My dream is to develop my career as a freelance photographer and have my work published and exhibited in galleries. In a more idealistic world I would live in an apartment somewhere in New York, walk my two pet (real, not imaginary) pugs in Central Park and listen to Beatles records all day. For now though I am very happy being a student in Canterbury where I am able to take lots of photographs and work towards my degree.

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