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Nicole Correia

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Content Manager

I am a second year student at the University of Reading and now playing an integral role in the content management and social media campaigns for theunipod. As well as regularly writing to share my exciting university happenings with you, I am managing other writers, and scheduling and editing their content for publication. You'll also find my posts on theunipod's Facebook and Twitter feeds so just shout and say hello.

Despite being a student, my body rejects lie-ins. I've never gained points on the 'Chunder Chart' and nor have I ever dipped into my overdraft. I'm writing to encourage students to make the most of their student years and try to combat student myths and prejudices. I enjoy very bubbly bubble baths, drinking tea from pretty mugs, running, pilates and big bowls of pasta.

You can follow my blog 'Girl on the Third Floor' here.