Adventures of a student

In the current climate, being a student can be pretty tough. Lois, a student from Scotland, updates us with her latest adventures, being a bit skint and some advice on how to juggle student life and work.

What it’s like to be a media student

What it’s like to be a media student

There seems to be a certain stigma around being a film and media student. I can’t quite place my finger on where it stems from but it seems to be that generally people don’t take media students all th…

University creative writing course

Creative writing courses – what are they all about?

Creative writing courses are relatively new concepts which have developed in universities over the past ten years or so. As they have built success and a reputation for being on an academic level, som…

Dinner with friends

Five student-friendly things to do to beat the winter blues

So, for the most part, exam time is finished and now you’re facing your next semester of classes, essays, exams and dissertations. It’s probably not getting you really excited about being a student. T…

Turning hobbies into jobs

Turning hobbies into a job

As a student it can sometimes be hard to make the ends meet. Most of the time student jobs are taken on because we can work the hours around our studying so this can mean antisocial hours or working l…

ways to save money

Ways to save money as a student

Being a student is an expensive time but there are many ways to help save you money so we have put together this guide to help with just that. Here are some handy tips and ways to save some money for …

Laptops and tablets in the lecture theatre

Laptops and tablets in the lecture theatre?

A lecture just doesn’t feel the same without the sound of someone typing frantically beside you or seeing the glow of someone’s laptop in front of you as they scroll through Facebook. Whatever people …

Christmas on a student budget

Christmas on a student budget

Figure out how to avoid blowing your student budget over Christmas

Top tips for tackling stress

Tips for tackling university exam stress

Tips on keeping the stress levels down during exam season

Tough times at university

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Deadline, deadlines, deadlines. It's going to happen to you at some point!

Graduate and careers

It’s okay to be confused – should students know their career path?

Earlier this week, I watched a video by a YouTuber called ‘justmargaret’. In this video, she talks about the idea that we all try to fit into the boundaries made by society which tell us that we have …

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