Adventures of a student

In the current climate, being a student can be pretty tough. Lois, a student from Scotland, updates us with her latest adventures, being a bit skint and some advice on how to juggle student life and work.

preparing for graduation

Preparing for graduation – how to be a successful graduate

The thought of graduating still freaks me out. With Halloween this week, I can assure you that I will see no costume which will scare me us much as knowing that in a mere eight months I will have to w…

traveling as a student

Travelling – before, during or after university?

Travelling is something that most people want to experience at some point in their lives. Companies have been set up, dedicated to dealing with young people who want to travel such as…

reading week at university

Reading week – time to party?

As of today I know that I won’t have any more classes for at least a week. I might not have been back at university for that long, but already the deadlines have crept up and I’m falling behind with s…

annoying flatmates

How to deal with annoying flatmates

Our tips will help you survive living with flatmates with annoying habits

avoid being that annoying flatmate

How to avoid being that annoying flatmate

Save the mess for your bedroom and you'll find living with housemates much easier...

Saving money travelling to uni

How to cut those travel expenses in half

With travel fares seemingly increasing in price all of the time, it’s hard to keep up with the fee to travel from A to B. As a student who drives to university most of the time, filling the car up wit…

being ripped off at uni

How to avoid being ripped off whilst at university

Student budgeting means you need to keep your wits about you.

first year at university

Tips for being a first year student from a student who didn’t do it so well

After starting back at university this week and Fresher’s in full swing, the university is buzzing with new first year students. Whilst I’m going for meetings about writing 15,000 word dissertations, …

library challenge

Tips for being a successful Fresher… and the Library Challenge

Top tips for making the most of Frehser's Week

Getting into a routine for university

Getting back into a routine – not always as hard as it seems

Start now to be prepared for Fresher's week

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