First class student ticket

Welcome to First Class: Student Ticket, a blog devoted to the trials and tribulations of my life as a student. This is an opportunity to seek advice, have a laugh, (no doubt at times cringe), but most importantly find out the real truth about being a student...

Home comforts

How to survive uni life without home comforts

How will you cope without home cooking, a dishwasher and a tumble drier?!

Cyberbullying at university

Cyberbullying in universities: speaking out

With recent events, make sure you know who to speak to if you are affected

student writers and journalists at university

Writing at university - student magazines and newspapers

Seeing your work published is a great feeling and great for your CV

Student society

Got an idea for a student society? Make it happen!

Start your own society and have your own stand at the Fresher's Fair

University drinks

Mocktail Madness – my top five summer mocktails

You don't need to drink alcohol to enjoy Fresher's week

Student work experience wardrobe

Work experience wardrobe: jeans and t-shirt or suited and booted?

First impressions count - but this doesn't necessarily mean it's the same for everyone

Student journalists

Interview tips for student journalists

Top tips for getting that top interview and getting your audience engaged


Graduating season: get your CV in order

It's my turn next, and with tough competition, I realised I need to start adding to my CV

Pasta for students

The student staple, pasta – keep it fresh

Zara gets creative with pasta this week to try and find some variety for next year at uni.

student days out

Cheap student days out during the summer holidays

Things to do for free for students on a budget over the summer

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