Graduating season: get your CV in order


By theunipod community,

It's that time of the year again. The gowns are being robed, the tassles adjusted and the black square caps thrown joyfully into the air. It's graduation season! As I end my second year, the thought that it could be me posing with a paper scroll, trying to look academic with a slightly tilted graduation cap on my head is a bizarre thought.  University seems to have flown on by and the thought of starting my third year in September is terrifying, as is the thought of searching for a job.

Whilst browsing online, I had read an article that suggested that graduate hiring had increased since 2008, which was a huge relief. The thought of graduating and not being able to find a job was so depressing for me (and every other student), especially after all the hard work of second and third year! On top of this pressure, there was also the uncertainty of not knowing what career to enter.

This year alone I had flitted between a variety of professions and even now I am still, in honesty, not sure. Luckily, I have plenty of work experience planned this summer, which I hope will shed some light as to what career choice is right for me. Personally, if I had not secured my work experience I would be panicking, because I would be totally clueless, as I had not even experienced potential career environments before.  Recent research shows student work experience at university could make you three times more likely to secure a graduate job than those without.

It's also been useful looking at websites such as Milkround to see what the application process is like when applying to jobs. It seems that the minimum requirement is often a 2:1, with a strong CV and plenty of work experience. With work experience sorted, I have decided to re-do my CV this summer. I wanted to make sure that regardless of my career choice, that my CV is clear and concise, whilst promoting my academic and extracurricular achievements.

If you're in the same position as me why not also have a look over your CV this summer too?  Visit or  for more ideas.