How to survive uni life without home comforts

Home comforts

By theunipod community,

By the end of this week it will be end of August, which means it will be soon time to head back to uni. As I enter my third year, I thought I would pass on some pearls of wisdom. So, I had a think and I found myself thinking of all the things about home that I will miss. So, in order to prepare first and second year students and console fellow third years, here is a humorous list of my top home comforts. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Feeling warm

By the time November comes around, feeling and keeping warm becomes every student's priority. Whether that means putting on a ridiculous number of layers or huddling over a warm cup of tea as you furiously type away at essays (taking a break to warm your fingers of course!), you will find yourself  using creative tactics to stay toasty.  By the last few weeks of term, the prospect of coming back home to a warm house, will be as exciting as Christmas.

Getting around

If you are lucky enough to have a car whilst at university, or know a friend who is willing to become your driver during term, then this doesn't apply to you. If you are like me and don't have a set of wheels, getting lifts from your friends and family at home will become something of a dream, especially after walking back to your  uni house after completing your weekly shop!
Instead, public transport will become your only means of getting around and your hatred for late buses or broken down metro services will only increase as the term progresses - particularly with the rain and snow of winter.


I always notice the decrease in the quality of food I buy and eat at uni. Typical treats that are always in my house during summer, just don't quite make it into my uni cupboards.  You may spy some of these treats whilst doing your shopping, but when you weigh up how much they will eat into your uni budget, you will find yourself sadly walking away down the aisles. The selection, quality and availability of food in your parent's house will never be matched in your uni house.


On the topic of food, another thing I miss about home is not having to cook for every single meal for every single day.  With my parents cooking (and sometimes me chipping in) I know that my meals will be tasty, nutritious and not always the same! I do cook at uni and enjoy experimenting, but when I try and cook some of my home favourites, they just don't quite taste the same!

I also know that at home, my meals will go beyond a tin of leftover baked beans and toast, whereas at uni, after a day of working in the library I just want to quickly rustle something up.

Tumble driers

Firstly, not having to dry your clothes across every spare radiator or draping bedsheets across banisters is always such a luxury. Secondly, if you do have a tumble drier in your uni house (consider yourself lucky) be warned, you may end up with doll sized dresses and toddler sized socks! Make sure you experiment with your drier before you pop your clothes in - the settings may not be the same as at home and you  may end up with a wardrobe disaster.


Another novelty item in a uni house, is a dishwasher. Instead prepare yourself for washing up gloves and bottles of Fairy liquid. Greasy plates, dirty oven trays, crusty cutlery - all you can do is start the hot water and dive in. The reality is you will be scrubbing away for a long time. There's no slotting the dishes into the dishwasher, adding a tablet and pressing 'GO' at uni.

Paying bills

The dreaded reality of second year uni life is paying your bills. Watch your money trickle away every few months as you pay water and electricity bills. This was by far the biggest wake-up call for me in second year. My best advice for paying bills would be to budget your money - the bills will come and they will need to be paid.