Mocktail Madness – my top five summer mocktails

University drinks

By theunipod community,

Whilst students are commonly associated with cheap student nights and even cheaper student drinks, I decided to see what cheap, healthy and non-alcoholic summer alternatives were available. So after some scouring, I found some delicious summer mocktails – quick, simple and easy to rustle up during those lazy afternoons.

These drinks are perfect if you don’t drink alcohol or if you’re on medication - you won’t be missing out on the summer fun with these fruity drinks. So, why not try and combat the heat and give yourself a healthy cleanse this summer, before you head off, or head back to uni!

  1. Mojito mocktail
    First up, this classic cocktail has been transformed into an extra simple refreshing drink, destined to help you combat the heat wave of Summer 2013
  2. Ray of sunshine
    Feeling a bit down in the dumps?  Can’t quite adjust to be being back home with the parents for summer? Why not try this healthy little ‘ray of sunshine’ to cheer you up. I found the added cherryade really brought back memories from my childhood, which was rather comforting as third year approaches.
  3. Orange and cranberry spritz
    Simply delicious and very fruity. Personally I think it would go very well with a BBQ or even accompanying a big bowl of fresh summer fruit
  4. Mango Mock-o-lada
    I had to throw this one into the mix, purely because I love mangos. This seasonal fruit is packed with vitamins and the added limes in the mocktail give this drink a real kick.
  5. Virgin Garden Mary
    Instead of a fruit base, this has more vegetables with a fiery kick to it - hot sauce, Worcestershire and horseradish sauce, this will certainly turn up the heat