The student staple, pasta – keep it fresh

Pasta for students

By theunipod community,

Since the end of uni and my trip to Verona, my diet has broadened and flourished. No more student meals of baked beans, no more pot noodle and no more funky looking cheese.  However, pasta, I can't quite abandon. After experiencing authentic Italian pasta drenched in olive oil and fresh tomatoes, I decided to set myself a challenge; find five new, interesting, tasty pasta dishes that will help redeem this staple student carb.

After typing 'pasta’ into BBC Food I was greeted with a selection of pappardelle, gnocchi, fettuccine, tagliatelle and linguine. In honesty, I didn't realise the vast selection of pasta you could get! I was just accustomed to Tesco's pasta twirls, or maybe some wholewheat spaghetti if I was feeling adventurous.  After some more searching I came across a variety of pasta meals that I wished I had seen earlier on in the year. My pasta diet would have been much more nutritious and tastier by the looks of it.

So here are my top five recipes! Quick, easy and simple to make, and all can be knocked up in a student kitchen on a student budget. Why not cook something for your parents over the summer, just to prove to them students can actually cook?!

  1. Spaghetti Cake - Definitely for the more adventurous student. This 'cake' is packed with various cheeses and spinach, but looks delicious! This will undoubtedly change anyone's opinion of how bland spaghetti is.
  2. Roasted vegetable lasagne - A vegetarian variation of lasagne. You could really add any of your favourite veggies in here - mushrooms, red peppers, etc.
  3. Italian Spaghetti with prawns - Whilst this recipe uses spaghetti, any pasta could be used. Prawns, tomatoes and plenty of olive oil - what more could you ask for in a dish?!
  4. Chocolate Pasta with caramel and pecans - Who knew pasta could be used in a dessert! A bit fancier, but I had to throw it in. Not only because I love Nigella Lawson, but also the novelty factor of pasta and chocolate - a very intriguing combination.. .
  5. Carbonara – a timeless classic. I know I said I was going to pick recipes which were different, but you just can’t beat a classic carbonara, and it’s so quick, easy and cheap to make. Here’s a nice simple version to follow -

 So get practising and impress your flatmates at uni next year!

 Check out theunipod’s student recipe section for some other inventive ideas and ways to save money.