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By theunipod community,

This week, I bought myself a portfolio to try and organise all the writing I have done this year. It was only after I spent an afternoon printing, filing and searching for all the articles I have produced these past 11 months that I realised how much my writing and confidence has developed. I've met and interviewed such interesting people, written across such a wide variety of topics and felt such pride when I've seen my name at the top of an article.

The truth is, had I not joined my student magazine, Impact, I doubt I would be in the position I am today. I can remember at the start of second year feeling like I had to do something, and use my time more effectively than in first year (where I didn't really throw myself into a society). So, I headed along to my university's Fresher’s Fair and found a small hall crammed with students and the Impact team.   I found myself signing up for the Features section and a few weeks later I was conducting my first ever telephone interview.

The best thing about student magazines or newspapers, is that the experience is less intimidating because you know your colleagues are all students. They aren't experts, they haven't been in the business for two decades, but like you, they have just rushed from a lecture or from handing in their coursework to the publication meeting. It's a much more friendly, approachable environment that allows you to personally, socially and most importantly develop as a writer.

Within six months of being a Features contributor, I had researched and conducted an interview, transcribed the interview, learnt about the importance of social media, and seen how ideas were transformed into articles which allowed the magazine to then be published and distributed around campus. I watched how a small idea became a glossy front page article and that really encouraged me to suggest any idea that came to mind, because even if there wasn't room for my idea to fit in the print publication, it could always go online.

Now, nearly a year on, I'm the Associate Online Editor for my student magazine and my experience writing for a student publication has been so positive, I would really recommend visiting your student publication during Fresher’s Fair.

I had previously never written an article in my life and now, I have a portfolio rammed full.

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