Enjoy family time at Christmas before you head off back to uni

Family time at holidays

By Nicole Correia,

The holidays are soon approaching; the Christmas adverts have begun, the student union has a few hints of tinsel, and the barman and barmaids sometimes stick on a Santa’s hat as they serve drinks to the merry students. Whatever year you are in it is probable that this past week you have been dreaming about goose-fat roasted potatoes, succulent turkey with stuffing, all the satisfying trimmings and a generous serving of dessert. Soon, dear students, soon - the Christmas holidays will be among us.

The first few weeks of term are always a bit hectic as you settle into student life again - not really sure what you should be doing work-wise, and so resorting to getting drunk like a Fresher most nights of the week. It makes sense at the time, right? As week four and five approach the work begins to mount and you kick yourself for not getting ahead with the reading, time which you could have found from somewhere?! It is no surprise that by week ten most students are exhausted, handing in their first term assessments and hoping for the best. That is certainly what I shall be doing, anyhow - although not out of choice. Wish me luck!

The Christmas holidays give not only the hope of some indulgent food and the abolishment of student budgets, but also the chance to spend some good ol’ quality time with the parents. Even if they moan about the amount of laundry you bring home, let’s face it, they missed you. Be sure to fill them in about what you’ve been up to that term (remember certain details are best left unsaid, however!)  

For some of you, the idea may make you shiver; a month of having to tell them when you’re going out (and where!), a month of having to ask for money as the loan has drained away…a month of…Stop. Try not to make it an issue, and enjoy what elements you can of the holidays with them - don’t be the Scrooge-Grinch-type!  Everyone’s relationship with their parents is different but it’s important to try and respect that your home is theirs too (and in fact they pay for it and live in it more than you do - so hold your tongue!)

The Christmas holidays will mean a few more rules than you’re used to, but cut your parents some slack - university gets you out of their hair. They too may have a few worries about having you back for a month… especially when they’ve converted your room into an in-house cinema.I really hope the latter isn’t the case, and that you aren’t daunted by the fact that you’ll be living at home again for a month with your parents - you did it before you had all the Fresher freedom and all the privacy, believe it or not!

My advice would be to make the most of it in all senses. You’ll soon be thinking of all those new year’s resolutions, and perhaps even considering trying something new next term - but for now just chill. Be sure to go for that second helping of spuds, try to stay in a bit with your family, and relax those studious hands. Recharge your batteries and hope that Santa brings you an electric heater so that January’s bills won’t be as extortionate! Oh, student life! 

On behalf of everyone here at theunipod, I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas!