Friends, family and being at home over Xmas

Christmas at home

By Nicole Correia,

This weekend I’ll be returning back to uni life, having had a month off for the Christmas period. I’ve mixed feelings about it, as I’m sure many other university students do. I don’t really fancy walking to uni in this rainy weather that we have had recently, I have rather enjoyed being curled up with a tea, metres from a fully stocked fridge, in a warm, cosy living room with  sofa that isn’t older than me. I love my student home, with its “well-loved” sofa, our creaky floorboards and almost-broken bathroom window but home comforts are indulgent after ten weeks of term time!

It also has been lovely to spend time with my sister, who is a Fresher at the University of Leicester. I’ve caught up with her over the nights-she-remembers-bits-of and all her flat antics, including walking down the road with an Asda trolley back to halls EVERY TIME they go food shopping. The poor families in Leicester who have had to witness this invasion of Freshers, no doubt lead by my mischievous little sister. Family time has been good this holiday and coming back from university always reminds me how important it is to make the most of being at home and spending time with your parents. I think with all the different experiences, troubles, and highs that I have had since going to university it has helped me to have an even better relationship with my parents. It all really boils down to talking to them; through this, like friends, they ‘get to know you’. It may sound odd, but when you’re away from home you do, inevitably, change a little bit (with all the new things you need to do, responsibilities, and freedom, it is only natural) but talking to my parents lots throughout the week enables them to understand me better and why I do what I do at uni. Sometimes things are on a need-to-know basis, however…

Early on in the holidays I did get knocked down by the flu. At first I thought it was just a head cold but then soon enough I became LITERALLY unable to leave bed. Not the hangover-cannot-leave-bed, no. I physically struggled to stand up for more than five minutes. I was thankful, in a way, that it was during the holidays as I’m grateful I was able to sleep it out and have home cooked meals - not sure my housemates would have been able to serve me breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week. This flu really did get in the way though of my university work (intentions) and it meant that I wasn’t really able to read many of the novels that I have needed to over the holidays or, more unfortunately, see many of my friends.

Holiday time is about managing the reading or revision you should be doing with the list of people you want to catch up with and see from your school. Going to university doesn’t mean that you forget about your life from home: your family are still there and your friends, even if dotted about the country during term time, generally always come home during the holidays.  Making time for friends and family is important and since getting better I prioritised that…so now, in my last week of the holidays I am getting my head down and hitting the books…I promise.