My first birthday at uni

my first birthday at uni

By Nicole Correia,

My first birthday at university was memorable; it was the day before our second term of spring term began. I woke up in my family home in London to lots of cards and a birthday breakfast/dessert (Pannetonne milk pudding) as well as a few special presents. After filling my boots and finishing up the last bits of packing, I was soon ready to drive back to uni and be reunited with my housemates. It was really odd going back to university on my birthday but I feel I was able to celebrate with the best of both worlds; having birthday treats with my family in the morning and birthday fun with my university friends that same evening!

It was lovely to arrive back in our student home and begin putting away all my clothes again and settling back in. As a new member of our house arrived we’d all go out to greet each other and catch up on our holidays properly. Annie was the first to arrive at the house and I found her and her Mum unpacking all sorts of new things including new storage shelving for tinned food (when you’re a student it is acceptable to get excited about this!) It was great to catch up and hear all their bubbily voices again. One of my housemates, Abi, had been on a ski trip with the ski society of our university and had a lot of funny stories to share with us as I’m sure you can imagine! Leah had bought new posters (English literature related ones!) for our living room, Becca introduced us to her car (named Aslan) and all soon enough we were back in the living room to exchange presents and watch TV together. Ahh student life.

We like to all chip in for a larger present when it comes to birthdays and I was so pleased with the present I received from them all. Over the short period that we have known each other we have really been able to understand each other and get to know each other’s likes. I think this is the great thing about university and something that you will find inevitably happens with your peers and friends. It may sound odd to you all but they bought me a 1920s style tile that had a picture of a cappuccino on it. Maybe I’m just getting old but I was thrilled with it and I know that when I have a house of my own I will always hang it up and remember my student years. University is all about memory making and studying, isn’t it?

I ended the evening snacking and chatting, ready to commence my first week back fresh (I had clubbing plans for later that week) and I think I was really lucky to have my birthday fall on such a day as you can really spread out the birthday plans. A week later and we’re all yet to find the time to go out for dinner at Zizis…it’s 50% off all mains in there at the moment! I can’t say no to a good discount.