Nek and nominate

Nek and nominate

By Nicole Correia,

No doubt you have all seen the nek and nominate drinking videos that incessantly flood our Facebook feeds. University students seem renowned for this kind of behaviour, and I’m pretty sure soon enough I’ll be getting a call from my parents at home questioning me about this new crazy phase! I’ve been crossing my fingers hoping that I don’t receive a notification saying I’ve been nominated - there’s no way I can down a pint in a ‘respectable’ time, let alone handle the crazy bits people are adding to them! Even if I was nominated I don’t really think I’d be going through with it; I hate feeling pressured to do something (university essays included!)

Drinking culture at uni is something that we will all come into contact with, whether we drink or not. With so many different people choosing to go to university today you are never alone with whatever habits you have. There are lots of societies that enjoy socialising with a beer but equally there are societies that prefer not to. It’s important to remember, though, whatever the situation may be that you should never feel pressured to drink, or do anything you don’t want to. The same goes for the ‘Nek and nominate’ posts - you don’t HAVE to respond. Or, you could do what a couple people on my Facebook have done and down a cup of tea (rebellious!)

You’re in control of your actions, no one else, and this is something that we all learn through our time at university. It’s your experience, your education and your money.  I frequently have to remind myself of this when I try and ignore the pile of books on my desk…if I don’t read the texts, then I won’t get very far with my English Literature degree! A bit of Facebook procrastination never hurt me, until I began to watch these crazy videos…they make me gag and I’m not even drinking the crazy concoctions!

I’ve seen a few twists of the ‘Nek and Nominate’ floating occasionally on my Facebook feed. Jaini Hairia (a new writer here at theunipod) nominated me for RAK - a random act of kindness. She gave me 24 hours to do something kind spontaneously! This is the kind of pressure I don’t mind, as I know I will be contributing to something positive! Just like this South African guy did, raising awareness about poverty:

Jaini gave tea and biscuits to homeless people so I’ve got to think how I can top her nomination with kindness, rather than downing a lethal concoction of raw eggs, jager, cider and shampoo….as I’ve been witnessing through my fingers online!