Our house in the middle of the street

university accommodation

By Nicole Correia,

It’s been great fun living in a student home. However, we have had a few hiccups along the way which is all part of the learning curve of university life. When we first moved into the house, the property was filthy; the previous tenants were smokers and had, despite the rules, smoked inside the house. This meant that not only were the walls pretty grimy but the carpets and curtains were all deeply dirty and stale due to the smoke - not what us five student princesses expected. It seemed once we all moved in properly this term we seemed to find yet more problems, and it was important to make sure we got support with resolving them so we contacted both the landlord and the estate agent.

Some of our furniture was broken, none of us had desk chairs (for a studious students this is heart-breaking) and the previous tenants had left “suspicious” looking hair in the bathroom bin, as well as dirty frying pans and utensils in the kitchen cupboards which we weren’t too thrilled to find. Our landlord was particularly helpful to resolve the problems but we had lengthy correspondence and this took time and effort. It’s quite difficult to manage dealing with these issues whilst you are living there, and studying, but it is really important that you flag up accommodation issues early on so that you can get some help.

Once the issues had been resolved and we had put up desk chairs (being the independent women we are) we began to really settle in and enjoy living in our student house. We bought posters on campus for our living room, tucked some fairy lights behind the mirror and filled the house with the smell of homemade blueberry pancakes on a Sunday morning. Bliss! Then the work started, and we were forced to scuttle off to our rooms to read at various points of the day rather than spend hours watching the food channel - slowly but surely we are getting there. We even sat down to watch Oliver Twist one evening before our lecture on the novel! Encouraging each other to work is really helpful and taking responsibility for emailing landlords, taking out the rubbish and stocking up on loo roll has been smooth - but it’s all about communication!

My housemate, Becca, had an ingenious idea and we now have everyone’s timetable pinned to the kitchen fridge which is great for when you need someone to force you to read/walk to lectures with/be inside the house when you want your ASDA delivery to be scheduled. The timetable proved especially handy when one of us discovered a spider in the living room and needed some serious
back up...!