Snacking while studying: the importance of dunking

dunking biscuits in tea

By Nicole Correia,

When it comes to revising and studying I always need a bribe. I’m not ashamed; it’s the unfortunate truth. Every time I log onto Facebook I see that one more of my student-friends have ‘Liked’ Graze boxes and taken advantage of their free box of snacks deal. This would be ideal during exam period! Apparently they have loads of options that are tasty and healthy. Now that I am training for the half marathon, in between my university studies I am finding myself craving foods that give me a boost more than ever before and I am extremely tempted to get involved too. Here are a mix of my confessions and advice for snacking whilst studying:

Digestive biscuits and tea: This snack is the first in the list because it is my staple snack. My housemates know my addiction to digestive biccies. Yes, I am a dunker. Tea and biscuits is simple, it’s not an expensive one and it can REALLY help you get through a good hour or sos work. Sip, dunk, sip. Then when the tea is finished nibble until you reach a full hour’s study.

Fruit: If you’re watching your waistline/saving the calories for later then why not stick to fruit whilst you study. You’ll be ticking off your to do list and one from your five a day. Bananas are a good idea to boost brain power but if you fancy something sweet why not a little clementine? Have some cranberry juice or herbal tea with your fruit as you study for an ultra healthy study snack option.

Pretzels: My friends from home have an obsession with pretzels and they are so moreish, perfect for desk nibbling. Buy a huge bag cheaply and grab a cup full for a study session. I love the sour cream and chive ones for snacking whilst revising but if I’m bribing myself I’ll go for a soft pretzel from The Oracle in Reading Town centre with cinnamon and sugar.

Houmous/taziki and something to dip: This is a great one if you’re hungry and want something satisfying so that your stomach doesn’t rumble as you work. Dips are usually around one pound a pot from supermarkets and you can dip bread, carrots or crackers in. Delicious and still really healthy.

Sweeties/Chocolate bites: Now, I much prefer chocolate to sweets but both can help you study if you snack in the right way. It isn’t about scoffing a bar of Cadburys; instead break it up into cubes and every 15 minutes have a nibble. The same goes for sweets. That way you manage a good hour’s revision and have only gobbled one bar (providing you play by the rules!)

I hope my top 5 study snacks help you feel a little bit more motivated to finish your work. If none of the above are what you use to bribe yourself then let me know in the comments below. I’d be interested to know what you’re all snacking on!