Things to avoid doing at uni

Things to avoid doing at uni

By Nicole Correia,

Everyone is forever telling students what they should be doing whilst at university: you should join a society, get work experience, be on time for lectures, do wider reading, and do the washing up. It can get a little tiresome but sometimes there are certain aspects of living away from home that may lead students astray or into dangerous situations. With this in mind I’ve thought about the things to avoid doing whilst at uni, just to spice things up a bit, and to keep those naughty students from doing something that could put them on Santa’s naughty list this year

Try not to drink yourself into a situation where an ambulance needs to be called. It does sound a bit drastic but I’ve seen it happen a lot since being at university. Fresher’s Week is pretty bad for it, as many students get caught up in the drinking culture that uni is often famous for. Know your limits! Having your stomach pumped will not be something you’ll remember fondly looking back on your university experience.

Try not to get into the habit of staying in your room day after day. This may seem like another odd one but staying in the same room, without leaving to do something outside, social, or interactive with others can leave you feeling down, or sometimes depressed. Even if it just means a quick walk outside to get a drink or book, or visiting a friend for an hour or so, it will make the world of difference. It’s not healthy to be cooped up in one room and no matter how high the book pile is, you should always take care of your wellbeing first.

Try not to be judgemental. You will find that at university there are many wonderful and weird people around. Try not to pass judgement on someone before getting to know them. Just because they do cheerleading doesn’t mean they fit the overly confident, cheeky, American stereotype; you never know, they may study Classic Literature and enjoy eating Pizza like everyone else. Just because he studies neuroscience does not mean he is a ‘nerd’- be open minded and prepared to talk to all different types of people.

Try not to go home too much. This can lead to you feeling that you don’t belong at university or do not have a comfortable life there. It is important to do what makes you happy but it is essential that you can ‘manage on your own’ too. Encourage your parents to support you in any way that they can, maybe they could visit you? Or friends? This may help you to create fond memories in your university town, helping you to feel more at home whilst at university.