Tips to beat stress at university

tips to beat stress

By Nicole Correia,

University life is lots of fun, busy, and challenging. Sometimes the pressures and demands can get on top of us and dealing with this can be hard, especially when you don’t have your home comforts to indulge in. (Oh, what I’d give to have a huge bubble bath when I am in desperate need to distress!) But there are ways that you can stress-bust without having to spend lots of money on a train ticket home for a hug from Mum or Dad.

As a Part 2 student I am more settled, and my student house is basically a second home to me, but I appreciate that if you’re a Fresher and you’re feeling worried or unsettled by university life, these stress-busting tips will definitely come in handy for you:

Call home

This is probably the first thing I would do (and still do) if I’m feeling really stressed about work, money, or housing issues. It’s good for ‘letting it out’ and just getting rid of any built up anxiety. Your mum and dad may not always know how to help (i.e. not everyone has read the Illiad and can explain it to you in time for your essay deadline) but be patient with them. Talking it through can help.

Make a list

You’ve definitely heard this one before, so do it! Making a ‘to do’ list is very effective. Yes, it can be a bit depressing when it is an A4 page long but it is well worth doing. It can help you organise your thoughts and prioritise your tasks to help solve the issues that are stressing you out the most.

Treat yourself

This is my favourite one but it isn’t just limited to girly girls like me who love an excuse to buy a mega bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and devour it. Boys and girls, to motivate yourself to get through that ‘to do’ list you will need to stock up on snacks and treats to keep you going. Try and avoid treating yourself to a drop or two of alcohol whilst working- this could end badly.


Have a good night’s sleep. Your mum probably said the same thing (but mum’s know best, right?) It’s true that a good night’s sleep will help you feel less stressed, refreshed and ready to move on. A good eight hours is needed so make sure that you get into bed at a decent hour to ensure that you’re ready to beat the stress in the morning. Often if you have a big decision to make ‘sleeping on it’ is also a good idea for exactly the same reason; your brain is rested and better prepared.


Right, now that you’ve had a moan to your parents, written a list, treated yourself and had a good kip, get your act together! Get through that ‘to do’ list as best you can. Start after breakfast and keep going for as long as you can. Be sure to have breaks, and that you don’t rush too much (this may cause further stress later on!) Once you’ve completed a good chunk of your ‘to do’ list let the satisfying feeling sink in, have a break and then in an hour or so carry on and see how productive you can be in one day. You may even surprise yourself.

I’m sure that by following these steps you’ll be able to tackle a lot of your work stress whilst at university. If the problem is ever too big for you to deal with alone then get in touch with your lecturers or even your personal tutor for more advice. Universities offer a lot of services for students who struggle with university life and are very much dedicated to making things right again. If necessary get in touch with them, keep calm, and carry on.