Girl on the third floor

Nicole Correia takes a tongue-in-cheek view on her own life, whilst living between her home in London and her university life in Reading. Aside from working part-time at Starbucks to fund a social life in London that her student loan won't stretch to, and sitting in lectures, Nicole can often be found attached to her laptop, on the treadmill, cooking in her kitchen with friends, or in bed texting 'til she falls asleep.

Choosing a univeristy and a course

Deciding on a degree and a university: which should come first?

Last week my sister received her A level results along with hundreds of other nervous students, after a year full of hard work and stress. It’s so strange to think that I was in the same position this…

Making friends at university

It starts with Fresher’s week: making lifelong friends

This is certainly something that comes with time. I didn't meet my current house mates until my second term at university, but along the way I made some fantastic pals. During your first term at unive…

Work life balance at university

The balance between work, play and study in your first year at university

It is possible to get a good measure of all three at university

Fresher's week

Looking back on life as a Fresher

Not long to go for uni starters in 2013 - see what's in store for you

car at university

The pros and cons of having a car at university

Now I've passed my test, do I take my car to uni?

Student accommodation

Learning about moving into private student accommodation

Key tips for students taking the jump from Halls to private student accommodation

Summer internship

My summer internship: boosting my cv

I decided to apply for summer internships to help boost my CV - and I'm really starting to enjoy it!

Student house key

My student house: peas in a pod

Something very exciting in my life has happened. The change came in the post, inside a small envelope with handwriting I didn’t recognise: I received the key to my student house! The landlord had wrap…

University friends

University friends: clubbing together

The importance of making good friends at university

university halls

Life in university halls - #halllife

The ups and downs of living in halls of residence in your first year at uni

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