Ever wondered how the news affects you? The stuff that seems unrelated to student life? Or what it's like being a student from every angle, from first year to finals and through to postgraduate? Then read on for a guide to the ins and outs of ridiculous government policy, gaffes and what the student lifestyle is REALLY all about...

student loans privatisation

The privatisation of student loans - stay tuned

Last Friday, a group of protesters set up camp outside the University of London Union as part of a nationwide objection against the proposed privatisation of student loans.Why, I hear you ask? Well, t…

Students and the economy

The real worth of students: contributing £82 billion a year to the economy

Students are contributing £82 billion to the British economy and are supporting 830,000 jobs – more than the total population of the city of Liverpool, a study by NUS has found.The report highlights t…

Phoning universitis for Clearing

Parents; it’s time to let your children take the dial

A must read - the importance on calling universities yourself for Clearing

Graduate entrpreneurs

Is the entrepreneurial spirit of the Apprentice the answer for graduates?

There have been two monumental occasions in my life recently: My Masters graduation ceremony, and the Apprentice 2013 final. One was the culmination of a year of solid hard work to try and get one fo…

HESA employability figures

New graduate employment figures show there’s more to uni choice than rankings

Cambridge and Oxford students were hugely outperformed in securing jobs and in further employment last year, HESA employability figures have revealed. The figures show the percentage of students in e…

work experience help employment prospects

Work experience helps graduate employment

Graduates with work experience are three times more likely to land a job offer than other students.

graduate salary

A 2.1 can boost your graduate salary

But your employment prospects rely on far more than just your level of degree...

graduate employment prospects

Does a degree help employment prospects?

The pay gap may have closed in, but there are plenty of ways a degree can help your graduate employment prospects

Moodle and Blackboard

Are students getting value for money?

Universities are accused of failing to offer its students value for money in terms of contact hours this week.

living on the breadline

Living on the breadline

Our first weekly column looks at Ian Duncan Smith’s claims that he could live on £53 a week. Does he also realise this is the amount a lot of students have to live on while at university?

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