Exams are over, Summer is here

exams are over - relax

By Heather McCutcheon,

Hopefully the majority of you will have finished sitting exams this Summer and are now free to relax and catch up on some well deserved you-time! This week I tore down all of my revision notes from my wall, which was just as exhausting as putting them all up... but a lot more satisfying. I have a few weeks left at university where I can spend my time catching up on my favourite TV shows, listening to my records, enjoying the sunshine, going out to end of term parties and spending the last few days in my dorm room, before I have to say goodbye to my big red wall and move out. It's good to be relaxing again after a long period of revision, so let's hope all the hard work has paid off so we can enjoy the Summer!

Listening to The Beatles in my room

It felt like a waste of paper...

The pile of revision notes, ready to be binned!

Watching The US Office and having tea and biscuits in the afternoon

Putting my outfit together ready to go out and celebrate the end of exams