Life and careers skills from working in a sweet shop

Sweet shop work experience

By Heather McCutcheon,

With a strong CV and a bit of luck most of you will have hopefully secured a part-time job or work experience placement for the holidays and are now able to gain a little extra money to spend on going out this summer! These photos will take you through a day at work for me in Ma Battley's Sweet Emporium and Tearoom from weighing out sweets to making gift hampers. Having worked part-time here for roughly five years I've gained some wonderful life skills that had set me up for university life; from boosting my confidence in speaking to others to managing my own money. I found that you become far more careful with spending when you earn your own money which can definitely help in student life. Having a part-time job or placement in any field can be tiring and hard work whether you are serving the public or working in an office; the hours can be long and your feet start to ache pretty quickly. However, the positives do out-weight the negatives - your time is well spent working hard to earn some spending money for holidays and days out with friends! I am very grateful for having such a lovely job with the kind and caring team who I can come back to during the holidays and I hope that you can find an equally great workplace this summer too.

Uniform ready to be worn for a day of work

Part of our Americana range...which i'm allowed to eat AFTER work hours

Foam shrimps and fried eggs in the pick n mix

Sweetie jars to be weighed out for customers

A liquorice basket ready to be sold

Stacking shelves of imported soda

I made up sweetie cones to be displayed in the window

Weighing out bags to be sold

Worth all the hard work