Moving back home for the summer

student packed bags on the bed

By Heather McCutcheon,

After my last exam I spent about a week or so relaxing in my student accommodation, enjoying the last few days before I had to move out. It was a surreal experience leaving behind my university bedroom especially having not lived in Room C for the majority of my first year. It quickly became my home and felt like I had stayed there the whole time. As I packed away the last few things, it struck me that I had many fun memories, experiences and made lots of friends in my student room. And I was a little sad to see it so empty as I left. I have had an interesting and memorable first year at university and am excited to see what's ahead!

Packing all my books ready to take home

My butterfly poster and pug pillow all packed away

Filled up two cars

My record collection survived the journey, thankfully