Moving back on campus as a second year

my campus accomodation

By Heather McCutcheon,

After three months of relaxing at home for the summer it was time to pack up my stuff, say goodbye to my family again and move back into university. Most second years usually find housing off-campus with the friends they have made in their first year, but due to the situation I had with nasty flatmates and a move mid-way through term, I was stuck with no one to live with.

Trusty potato boxes full of my things...not just lots of potatoes

Making a list of toiletries to bring

With thanks to my university’s Scholarship programme I was able to apply to on-campus accommodation in my second year due to my good grades (yay!). After having the experience of moving all of my things twice at uni I decided to pack a lot lighter to make the transition smooth and easy. I was very nervous moving in as a second year among firsts; I’m not into clubbing so I avoided Fresher’s week and quietly moved in on the Sunday.

My new pillow to decorate my room with

All I could think about was how horrible I’d felt in my Fresher’s week; I was worried I’d be put with the same sort of loud and bitchy people I ended up with the first time. Luckily I’m now settled in with a bunch of really, really lovely and down to earth flatmates in both first and second years… and with a nice new room too!

Records and the Mad Men box set to keep me entertained!

It’s really the luck of the draw who you get placed with on-campus but I’m glad I have one less thing to worry about in my second year.

Brand new desk ready to start work