Studying abroad (aka scary grown-up things)

studying abroad

By Heather McCutcheon,

Now that I am a few weeks into my second year, the time has come for me to finally decide whether or not I want to apply to study abroad. My university offers so many places in Europe and Asia but my heart has always been set on the States. I've been researching the different American universities my course offers and what their English modules have to offer.

It's such a scary and daunting task moving out of the UK, let alone having to choose a place to live when you've never even visited the country! The deadline for my application is early November where I can submit my top five American universities and hopefully get chosen to go for either a semester or a whole year. I'm pretty set on California so I'll place my bets and hope for a spot in the VERY competitive placements. This week has been balancing heavy second year work and lots of American research.

Filling out my health forms for a trip to New York in February

Passport handy for filling out details and forms

Researching University of California, L.A (my top choice)

Little American flag in my room

Could be eating these American snacks every day

Want my own adventures in Las Vegas!