Vegetarian cooking at university...and trying to stay healthy!

Student cooking

By Heather McCutcheon,

This blog post is coming from a girl who really can't and doesn't cook with any real flare or passion. I've seen my student flatmates spice up their meals with extra herbs and spices, but that really isn't me. When I'm at uni I cook very basic, quick and easy foods purely because I can't be bothered and I'm not overly fussy. The only picky thing about my diet is that I'm a vegetarian (well, Pescetarian but it's basically the same thing). It can be tricky being a veggie at uni when most ready-meals are normally all chicken based and just a bit gross sometimes. Here are some photos of my student diet and one very simple recipe for a stir fry - I hope this helps any vegetarians out there who like to keep things quick and simple in the kitchen!

Recipe for a basic veggie stir fry

Noodles (4 mins boiling time), chop up some vegetables and fry them for a little bit and then add the noodles and some soy sauce for flavour. Add prawns too if you eat fish like I do!

Being part Italian and a normal student, pasta is a big part of my diet

Keeping it light and basic with my favourite soups

...and of course, baked beans, which go with practically anything

My freezer consists of prawns, fake sausages and frozen veg

It's really important for me to have some fruit in the day

It makes me feel better if I haven't left the flat all day. I don't know why. It balances it out.

Having cups of tea throughout the day is a staple part of my diet

Eggs are super versatile and are a good source of protein

...when you're not eating meat. I like fried or scrambled egg with spaghetti hoops and veggie sausages!

 I really like Quorn meat substitutes in sandwiches in the afternoon