Heather McCutcheon takes us on a weekly photo journey through her uni life at the University of Kent.

studying abroad

Studying abroad (aka scary grown-up things)

Now that I am a few weeks into my second year, the time has come for me to finally decide whether or not I want to apply to study abroad. My university offers so many places in Europe and Asia but my …

my campus accomodation

Moving back on campus as a second year

After three months of relaxing at home for the summer it was time to pack up my stuff, say goodbye to my family again and move back into university. Most second years usually find housing off-campus w…

Inside a Fresher's mind

Getting inside the mind of a Fresher

This week’s interview is with Verity Rowan, a soon-to-be Fresher at the University of Kent studying History. We discuss her about her search for the perfect university and her journey to getting the g…

interview with mum

University from a parent’s perspective: mixed emotions

A mum's take on her daughter leaving for university

Sweet shop work experience

Life and careers skills from working in a sweet shop

My photo journey through the great work experience I have gained this summer

Student cooking

Vegetarian cooking at university...and trying to stay healthy!

This blog post is coming from a girl who really can't and doesn't cook with any real flare or passion. I've seen my student flatmates spice up their meals with extra herbs and spices, but that really …

university of kent results

Making your university choice: results day

Exam results are not far away and the all important decision about which uni you will end up at is coming up

student packed bags on the bed

Moving back home for the summer

Heather packs her bags to finish up university for the year

exams are over - relax

Exams are over, Summer is here

How are you relaxing now that exams are over for another year?

kitchen plates

My student kitchen: a special place

A student kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook. The kitchen in our 'flat 11' is actually something very special to me.

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