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theunipod student blogs follow students through various warps of university life. From the stress of revision and exams to party time on results day; Fresher's week and settling in at uni to work experience and graduate jobs; as well as our response to rankings and key media stories.

living on the breadline

Ways students can make extra money over the Summer

Save money for the new year at uni by planning ahead for the Summer

end of exams at unviersity

End of exams: a review of my first year at uni

Exams are finally over, Summer is round the corner. So what did I make of year one at uni?

graduate employment prospects

Does a degree help employment prospects?

The pay gap may have closed in, but there are plenty of ways a degree can help your graduate employment prospects

student volunteering

Student Volunteering - why bother?!

As a keen student volunteer I believe that volunteering is an excellent way to meet new people, embrace new opportunities, develop your CV and experience the personal satisfaction that you have made a…

kitchen plates

My student kitchen: a special place

A student kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook. The kitchen in our 'flat 11' is actually something very special to me.

thinking studying abroad

Thinking of studying abroad?

If you hadn't thought about studying abroad, take a look at the options.

baking - girl on the third floor

The Baking Girl: Rocky Road

Procrastinating with a little baking, friends and some Rocky Road.

zara blog

Summer movies - something to look forward to

After the hype surrounding The Great Gatsby, let's see what else we have to look forward to during those lazy Summer holidays.

revising on my bed

An English student revising

I will be sitting my exams at the end of the month so most of my time has been spent revising, preparing and stressing out...kind of a lot. I've been busy re-reading, making notes and sticking things …

snacking when studying at university

Snacking while studying

Having just spent the past week and a bit writing essays it’s safe to say that I am officially ready for exams to be out of the way and summer to begin! Whilst writing this week, however, I have disco…

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