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theunipod student blogs follow students through various warps of university life. From the stress of revision and exams to party time on results day; Fresher's week and settling in at uni to work experience and graduate jobs; as well as our response to rankings and key media stories.


Good neighbours become good friends

Do not leave cooking unattended if you are a chatterbox!

Moodle and Blackboard

Are students getting value for money?

Universities are accused of failing to offer its students value for money in terms of contact hours this week.

student careers music festival

Work experience: What to do if you've nothing planned for Summer

Work experience and internships are on everyone's minds...

breakfast bowl

Morning before lectures

9am lectures are not a university student's favourite time of day. However, if you are one of the dedicated few, my captures of a typical morning for me may ring true to you too.

juggling assignments

Juggling assignments

Make a schedule. It may sound like further procrastination, but believe me, it helps.

university exam revision

Everyone's doing it

Everyone at uni is at it. You just can’t help yourself. I don’t think I can take it anymore. We really shouldn’t judge someone who just does it all through the night, either.

living on the breadline

Living on the breadline

Our first weekly column looks at Ian Duncan Smith’s claims that he could live on £53 a week. Does he also realise this is the amount a lot of students have to live on while at university?

e for easter

E for Easter. E for Experience. E for Editor.

London rush hour, an £11 travelcard, and work experience at Bloomsbury Publishers.

dissertation dilemmas

Dissertation dilemmas

Dissertation. Dissertation. Dissertation. Just before Easter break I attended a very formal dissertation meeting that terrified me and the other second years in the room. The meeting explained what a…

my own bed

Back to uni: the things I’ll miss from home

Each week I will be capturing a part of uni life and taking you through a picture journey. This week is all about getting ready to head back to uni and the things I'll miss most and which remind me of…

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