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theunipod student blogs follow students through various warps of university life. From the stress of revision and exams to party time on results day; Fresher's week and settling in at uni to work experience and graduate jobs; as well as our response to rankings and key media stories.

tips to beat stress

Tips to beat stress at university

Bubble baths, Death by Chocolate, calling home.... what's your stress-buster at university?

Christmas on a student budget

Christmas on a student budget

Figure out how to avoid blowing your student budget over Christmas

Things to avoid doing at uni

Things to avoid doing at uni

What's your new year's resolution? Try to make your year at uni a better one...

Top tips for tackling stress

Tips for tackling university exam stress

Tips on keeping the stress levels down during exam season

Family time at holidays

Enjoy family time at Christmas before you head off back to uni

The holidays are soon approaching; the Christmas adverts have begun, the student union has a few hints of tinsel, and the barman and barmaids sometimes stick on a Santa’s hat as they serve drinks to t…

Training for half marathon as a student

Have you figured out the study-life balance? Try training for the half marathon at uni

Get the balance right between work and play. It's not as easy as it sounds!

Tough times at university

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going

Deadline, deadlines, deadlines. It's going to happen to you at some point!

looking back on first year university

Looking back on my first year at university – a learning experience

Many of my peers are looking at the Freshers who are wandering about on campus/doing walks of shame/looking confused and wishing they could rewind the clocks. I’m not so sure. Whilst my first year was…

Graduate and careers

It’s okay to be confused – should students know their career path?

Earlier this week, I watched a video by a YouTuber called ‘justmargaret’. In this video, she talks about the idea that we all try to fit into the boundaries made by society which tell us that we have …

university accommodation

Our house in the middle of the street

It’s been great fun living in a student home. However, we have had a few hiccups along the way which is all part of the learning curve of university life. When we first moved into the house, the prope…

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