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theunipod student blogs follow students through various warps of university life. From the stress of revision and exams to party time on results day; Fresher's week and settling in at uni to work experience and graduate jobs; as well as our response to rankings and key media stories.

be yourself university life

‘Be yourself’ and you’ll slide right into university life

“Be yourself” is everyone’s advice - for your first day at college, an interview, on holidays, on a first date, at university. It wears a bit thin, I reckon. It’s used so much I don’t even think it ma…

Inside a Fresher's mind

Getting inside the mind of a Fresher

This week’s interview is with Verity Rowan, a soon-to-be Fresher at the University of Kent studying History. We discuss her about her search for the perfect university and her journey to getting the g…

library challenge

Tips for being a successful Fresher… and the Library Challenge

Top tips for making the most of Frehser's Week

drinking at university

You don't need to drink to enjoy Fresher's week

Despite what you might hear, there's a lot more to Fresher's Week than drinking

Home comforts

How to survive uni life without home comforts

How will you cope without home cooking, a dishwasher and a tumble drier?!

Getting into a routine for university

Getting back into a routine – not always as hard as it seems

Start now to be prepared for Fresher's week

Choosing a univeristy and a course

Deciding on a degree and a university: which should come first?

Last week my sister received her A level results along with hundreds of other nervous students, after a year full of hard work and stress. It’s so strange to think that I was in the same position this…

Cyberbullying at university

Cyberbullying in universities: speaking out

With recent events, make sure you know who to speak to if you are affected

Work experience and university work

Taking on a weekend job shouldn’t affect your university grades

Tips on how to manage the work-study-life balance and who to speak to for support

Making friends at university

It starts with Fresher’s week: making lifelong friends

This is certainly something that comes with time. I didn't meet my current house mates until my second term at university, but along the way I made some fantastic pals. During your first term at unive…

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