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theunipod student blogs follow students through various warps of university life. From the stress of revision and exams to party time on results day; Fresher's week and settling in at uni to work experience and graduate jobs; as well as our response to rankings and key media stories.

student days out

Cheap student days out during the summer holidays

Things to do for free for students on a budget over the summer

student packed bags on the bed

Moving back home for the summer

Heather packs her bags to finish up university for the year

first year exams at university

My first year at university: what I learned as a Fresher

When I look back on my first year at university as a Fresher, what comes to mind is all of the social things I got up to, as if I went to university just to make friends, rather than get an education.…

work experience help employment prospects

Work experience helps graduate employment

Graduates with work experience are three times more likely to land a job offer than other students.

cheap student holidays

Cheap student holidays - shopping

Keep the cost of your summer holidays down and save for your next year at university

exams are over

Exams are over, time to party

With exams (almost) over, it's time to celebrate with a night out in China Town.

fun in the sun

Cheap ways to have fun in the sun

Theme parks, garden parties and cheap travel - plan ahead and you can save more than you think

graduate salary

A 2.1 can boost your graduate salary

But your employment prospects rely on far more than just your level of degree...

lease agreement

Student accommodation: end of year check list

Exams are finally drawing to a close, which means term is ending. As exciting as Summer is, unfortunately there is the tedious job of tying up the loose pieces of student housing. Whilst it was a nigh…

exams are over - relax

Exams are over, Summer is here

How are you relaxing now that exams are over for another year?

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