Student nights

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Student Nights in Birmingham

Student Nights in Birmingham

When it comes to student nightlife, there is no doubt that Birmingham has a lot to offer. Students from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University and Aston University enjoy a variety of…

the science of hangovers

The science of hangovers

The chances are you'll have one at some point - but what actually is a hangover?

reading night out

Student nights in Reading

Lola Lo’s One of the new-trend themed tiki bar-come-club venues that are dotted about the UK. Hawaiian themed, with bamboo decorated walls, tables and chairs, Lola Lo’s even has a coconut- smell to g…

Voodoo Events student nights

Student nights with Voodoo Events

Voodoo spoke to theunipod about Joey Essex, I Love Wednesday's and their other nights. And we have a FREE VIP pass to give away!

durham night out

Student nights in Durham

At Durham University, each college tends to have a certain night when they attend each club, due to discounted entry or just out of habit. If you go with a small group you're bound to bump into people…

canterbury night out

Student nights in Canterbury

Canterbury has a great eclectic mix of student nights, spread across the three universities in the area and throughout the City. Whether your idea of the perfect student night out is a full on rave or…

the state of student drinking

The state of student drinking

For many students who are living away from home for the first time, providing for themselves and having free reign away from their parents, drinking can become a twisted part of that freedom. Drinking…

Drinking Culture at University

There are two things synonymous with the word ‘university’: Learning, and drinking. Both are things that most students will partake in at some point. Both are also things that students can feel ostrac…