Student nights in Durham

durham night out

By Emma Nash,

At Durham University, each college tends to have a certain night when they attend each club, due to discounted entry or just out of habit. If you go with a small group you're bound to bump into people you know - whether that is a good thing or not is up to your interpretation!

College Bars

Every college has their own bar. These tend to be consumed by Freshers or on socials (especially pub golf). These bars are pretty reasonably priced for drinks and they vary in size and theme, for example, the most famous is University College which is under the castle. The bars tend to open during the day and include facilities such as TVs, most likely to be showing the rugby on, pool tables and quiz machines.


Carrying the reputation as the second worst club in Europe and apparently the worst burnt down. However this is a Durham urban legend. Klute, home of the infamous Quaddy-Voddy (quadruple vodka, some orange juice and cranberry juice) the club was recently refurbished leaving the floor far less sticky than previously and modernising the whole image. The music is generally a mix of cheesy classics and therefore makes a great place to dance the night away.


The main need-to-know fact is Loveshack has a VW camper van inside and no Durham Uni experience is complete without multiple photos on/in/next to the camper van. The club tends to be pretty hot, so wrapping up isn’t necessary, even in the depths of the northern winter. Luckily there is a great smoking area with patio heaters which is a good place for meeting your new best friend (for the night).


These clubs are next door neighbours, providing a great night out, so the decision is often made on the size of the queues and who is in the queue. Each club offers different music nights which change as new nights are introduced, so keep your eyes peeled.

Whiskey Mist

A slightly more up market scene, but a great location for some drinks.


The bar upstairs from Spags is great for a grabbing a cocktail and a dance. Drinks are reasonably priced but this place gets pretty busy, so be prepared to squeeze your way to the bar.