Student nights in Reading

reading night out

By Nicole Correia,

Lola Lo’s

One of the new-trend themed tiki bar-come-club venues that are dotted about the UK. Hawaiian themed, with bamboo decorated walls, tables and chairs, Lola Lo’s even has a coconut- smell to greet you on your entrance. A popular venue for students from The University of Reading on Thursday nights, but during throughout the week and weekends, locals enjoy a cocktail or too among the students, giving the venue a welcoming and chilled atmosphere. Lola Lo’s offer booth hire and photobooth fun, as well as a cocktail masterclass to make those special occasions even more memorable.


This Is Reading’s indie-scene at Q Club on a Thursday night, often referred to simply as ‘Props’ among the cool kids. And with vodka mixers for £1.60 and a JagerBomb for £2 it’s a popular venue for a feel-good night. With DJs who have DJ’d for Oasis, Bestival,  V Festivals, in New York and Barcelona, you’re guaranteed good tunes up until the very last at 3am. Props also offer lots of work to students to earn a few extra pounds and gain free entry, from giving out flyers and working on the events, to a Graphics Design Internship. All work is paid for which is not always the case with clubs in the area.


For glamorous photography and a venue that looks like it belongs on the TV, Evissa is your choice. The club offers an exclusive waitressing service, LED lit tables and booths. Spread over two floors it’s a great venue for societies, celebrations or getting together with your flat or neighbours for a big night out. Evissa is big on getting you out at the end of the week, running their main events on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Thursdays often host celeb guests, fire-breathers and professional dancers; Fridays are aimed at students in particular, with ‘Uber Fridays’ well-known on campus; Saturday night they claim as the ‘biggest party in Reading’ and without a doubt is one of the popular options among those who want to glam up a bit and leave their Vans or Converse at home to celebrate in real style.


‘Revs’ has an impressive cocktail menu, and throughout the week offers several different deals on its food and drink. Reliable for a good laugh and to socialise with friends, Revs is just around the corner from the clubs above, so a great place to start if you’re planning to bar/club hop. The chefs at Revs are cheeky and have invented food with a hint of vodka; for example vodka glazed chicken on a pizza, or the vodka burger. If you like your drink as drink and your food as food there are plenty of options on the menu to choose from. Don’t forget to book your table as Revs fills up fast!

Zero Bar

Zero Bars is a microbrewery within walking distance from The Oracle and as well as the clubs in the town centre. Zero Bar is spread over three floors; perfect for later evening dining, a few cocktails, or just a simple beer. Beers are produced fresh on site and the bar itself is structured of big window glass, which creates a chilled atmosphere at night and a fresh-feel during the afternoon.


For the cheapest night out that never fails to be a laugh, head to 3Sixty at the University of Reading’s Students’ Union. £3 entry with NUS, no cabs necessary if you’re living in halls, cheap drink at 3Sixty and Park Bar – also on campus - beforehand for a lively pre-drinking session.