Student nights with Voodoo Events

Voodoo Events student nights

By Nicole Correia,

Clubbing is undoubtedly a substantial part of university life. As a newcomer, you’ll be inducted in to student nights during Fresher’s week, when it is your opportunity to have some fun before you open the books.

Oceana in Leeds knows too well that there is no such thing as a school night for university students. “Because it’s Wednesday” is as reasonable an excuse as any for a night out. Indeed. Voodoo Events run ‘I Love Wednesday’s’ in honour of ruining school nights’ reputations. Dave Gardner-Chan, club promoter for Voodoo and I Love Wednesday’s, has been working with promoting events on and off for nine years, starting as a Hall Rep whilst at university, proving to us all that ‘work hard and play harder’ starts with uni life but does not stop there.

Dave spoke to theunipod about why Wednesday nights are the new Friday nights, and all the important information you need to know about a good night out in Leeds and the North. He has also given us 2-4-1 tickets for all our readers (see bottom of article for details) and a free VIP Pass to all Voodoo Events for one lucky winner.

What makes ‘I Love Wednesdays’ so loveable?
‘We want nights to be as great as when we started out, ensuring that everyone has a good time. Most people want to have fun with their friends, have a couple – or too many – drinks, people want good value, and, of course, the opportunity to chat each other up. In the politest possible way, I assure you! Walking into a club can be a daunting experience at first, I know it was for me. Our staff are on the doors, smiling, and asking the students if they’re okay, and having a good night. It’s things like that that put people at ease and make them feel comfortable and safe, ready to have fun.’

Student nights are not hard to come by in Leeds. What makes your night stand out?
‘We have celeb guests and birthday perks, all detailed on our website. But ‘I Love Wednesdays’ at Oceana continually looks for ways to improve how their nights function too. Introduction of “the barcode ticket” really helps speed up entry – it’s what is by big events such as The Hideout Festival and The Warehouse Project. The barcode is scanned by an iPod and can also act as a split ticket for a group of people- which is handy for ensuring all your friends get in at the same time.’

So tell us more about the celebs who have partied with Leeds students. 
‘We have a close working relationship with a lot of the booking agents meaning we get offered great bookings from time to time. Over the last few years we've had Charlotte, Gaz and Scott from Geordie Shore... they're exactly the same as they are the show! Absolute party animals and always popular with opposite sex! During Fresher’s we had Joey Essex who was a massively popular choice. We've had the Dirty Sanchez guys in who are absolutely crazy. Some of the things they do to each other are horrific! Our latest booking is Michelle Keegan from Corrie who's been a really popular choice unsurprising with the guys (and girls!), appearing to do a meet and greet at Halo. Most recently we were hoping to book David Hasselhoff as he was in England for a week. He'd have been the ultimate Beach Party Host however he had to fly straight back to the US after his Australian Tour. Gutted! Maybe next year!’

What opportunities do you have for students who want to work with ‘I Love Wednesdays’ and other Voodoo events?
‘Essentially, student promoters are our voice on the ground. They live in halls, they have daily contact with other students. They are absolutely essential. There are a number of different roles that students can apply for, all the way up to Event Management positions. Of course, we oversee that everything runs smoothly, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to gain some experience and add to your CV. From flyers, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter it’s all about students spreading the word so that everyone can enjoy the party.’

How do you ensure student safety?
‘Student safety is really important to us and our aim is to ensure that everyone is comfortable and has a good time - this includes getting home safely. We work closely with Amber Cars and recommend them on most of our publicity for the events so that students know their options for getting home safely. We do discourage walking home but we know that some students do.‘

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Special offer – 2-4-1 entry

Dave is offering all theunipod users 2-4-1 entry to all Voodoo nights in Leeds. All you have to do is text:

UNIPOD 241: Name + Number, Club, Day, Date
i.e. UNIPOD 241: Joe Bloggs + 4, Oceana Wednesdays, 3/4/13

to 07707 106140

This is just the cost of a regular text to a mobile, and is valid for the following nights

  • Space Tuesdays
  • Oceana Wednesdays 
  • Warehouse Thursdays
  • Maluko Fridays
  • Halo Saturdays

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