Societies and sports clubs

Harry Potter to Come Dine With Me, Save the Children to Snow Sports, Curry Appreciation to JSoc. theunipod has profiles of student societies and sports clubs across the UK.

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Do students understand the importance of extra-curricular societies?

Societies. They cover a wide range of different areas. Ones based on academic fields, religion, sports, culture, food, music, games, a hobby… there’s something for everyone. Most of them are plugged …

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Join a university society and boost your job prospects

Start of join a society and make your CV stand out

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Do societies/sports clubs take initiations too far?

We’ve all heard the rumours. Sports initiations are known around campus for their various disgusting challenges, embarrassment of participants and amusement of watchers. Calling them initiations sugge…

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me: the new generation

Universities up and down the country are holding their own CDWM soirees which undeniably rival our Channel 4 favourite.

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University societies: close up

We’re not into taking sides here at theunipod, but these were some of the universities with a great assortment of student societies that caught our eye during our research here in the UK. Cardiff Uni…

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University Societies: the lowdown

What is a university society? A university society is an official group set up by students to promote an activity or interest. It’s a chance for students – and non-students – to get together and part…

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Types of university societies

There are no rules when it comes to university societies. Well, not really. Basically, if you can think of a reason for a society to exist, then it probably does. Uni students have a wide range of int…