Give us an overview of the Capoeira Society
The Capoeira Association Aprendendo Angola has been running regular Capoeira Angola training sessions 3 times a week at the LSE since 2007. Our group is known for being very open and friendly; we welcome anyone who is interested in exploring and researching this art form with us, from complete beginners to experienced students, across all age groups. We see Capoeira not only as an exercise in skills, but as an opportunity for creating communities of people with a common passion for Afro-Brazilian music, history, dance.

How much time does being involved in a student society take?
About 1 day a month (besides practice!)

How do you juggle your student society commitments with your study/part-time work/social life?
Travel around town on a Vespa!

What is the best thing about being a member of a student society?
You have a chance to inspire large number of students and raise their interest in different activities.

Why would you recommend students join a student society?
Because it is an additional opportunity to enjoy life as a university student.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your student society?
A road trip to Paris last month and having accepted to organise things for 14 students. That was crazy!

What is the best memory you have of being a member of a student society?
The day we decided to shot the official video of the society when more than 50 people showed up wearing the official uniform and giving a great performance for the video makers.

How can people join it and how much does it cost?
Anybody can join - simply show up at the LSE Old Gym for any of the classes. Costs are £8 per class or £48 for the whole month.