What are the best things about being involved in the Korfball Club?
It is a great way to keep fit and compete at a range of competitiveness. As a mixed gender sport it is a great socialising opportunity. The variety of locations of tournaments and matches is a great way to see many other universities and parts of the country.

How time consuming is it being the captain? What are your main responsibilities?
It is fairly time consuming. As captain my main responsibilities is to oversee the co-operation of other committee members to ensure smooth running of the club. Additional responsibilities include the recruitment of new players, ensuring we have a team for each game and competition we enter, driving for a variety of sponsorship opportunities and financial security of the club

How much does the kit cost?
Playing kit is provided free of charge to players by the club. This would include a playing top and shorts/skirts which costs the club £35 a player. On top of this many players buy leisurewear with the most popular items being hoodies (£23.70) and tracksuit bottoms (£19.20).

Do you need to have played before to be involved?
No. The majority of the players who join have never played Korfball before and the club emphasizes this as a selling point and accommodates for this in training and beginner tournaments at the start of term.  

Tell us about your social activities outside of ‘playing’ time.
We regularly have socials and aim to have at least one every fortnight.  As part of our tournaments at the weekends we stay in the city that we play at and have a night out with the hosting team. We have arranged a tour to Amsterdam to watch international matches over the Easter break in the past.

How many teams do you have competing in leagues / competitions?
In recent years we have had 2 teams that compete in the YKL (Yorkshire Korfball League), CEKL (Central England Korfball League) on a regular basis. On top of this we compete in several tournaments throughout the country including a BUCS National Championships.

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